Are the hooks Hypoallergenic?

Yes! All our earrings hooks are made of stainless steel! They are long lasting and great quality, your ears should not react to them, unless you can only wear specific metals (ex: 24k gold). 

Are your earrings heavy to wear?

To help you choose the right earrings for you, we put a little weight chart on every listings. It will guide you to make the good choice for your needs.

Do you make custom orders ?

Yes! You can email me at shopequinoxart@gmail.com. There's two options:

1- If you would like me to assemble you something with the pieces you see in different styles, to create a piece especially for you.

2- If you would like a statement piece for a special occasion, that we create from scratch ( ex: wedding, gala, photoshoot, etc.)

Can you adjust a necklace length ?

Yes totally! You can leave me a note in comments at checkout and I will make the change for you.

Does brass change color ?

Brass do oxidize, so with time you might see a darker patina form on top of the metal. You can clean it by rubbing a cloth on it. 

What if my jewelry breaks ?

If your piece breaks or arrives broken, you will receive a new piece or get a free repair and we will ship it back to you for free also.

What if I don't like my purchase ?

No problem! We are glad you tried something out of your comfort zone! You can send it back to us within a week or receiving it. It has to be unworn and in the original packaging. The shipping on returns is not covered.

Do you have a physical store ?

No! We are 100% online! We do attend some local markets in Montreal. If you want to stay in the loop, register to our mailing list, we'll be happy to notify you!

What metals do you use ?

We use all kinds of different materials in our collections. They are all listed in the materials section on the listing of the product. We offer a variety like brass, stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Can I get an allergic reaction to the metals ?

The main question is do you have allergies to metal. It's important to know that before making your choice. The hooks are always hypoallergenic, but the charms can have different components. It usually does not affect other part of your skin than your lobe, but if you are highly reactive, maybe stick with stainless steel in our shop just in case it touches your face of neck. 

Where is the jewelry made ?

We assemble all our collections in Montreal, Canada! The pieces we use come from all around the world. All the brass stamping are made in the US, for example.

What If I loose one earrings ?

Oh! No problem, write us a message and we will make you ONE earring, and you'll pay only half the price! Good deal right?

You have more questions ? Send them over to shopequinoxart@gmail.com