This powerful adventure all started from a need of self expression and creativity. The desire to be shamelessly myself was strong, and I knew there were others out there feeling just the same. My mission is to satisfy the alternative souls who are looking for the perfect piece of jewelry, that is just the 'right aesthetic'! And, to make you feel so empowered while you wear them. My style is highly inspired by Gothic architecture, art history, and dark fantasy. I draw ideas from my travels to the oldest cities and from alternative cult classics, like movies and icons.

EquinoxArt is now a brand that offers badass jewels, that will make you feel so powerful and confident! Assembled and designed in Montreal, they are accessible and made with love, with a touch of magic.

Calling out all the untamed and wild souls wanting to stand out! Ready to feel BOLD ? Go for it, you can always return it.

Be fierce, and always be you!

Camille, founder at EquinoxArt.

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